The first week of July I decided it was time to refresh my twitter handle. My handle, MarathoningMom, while I liked it was established early on in my marathoning venture.  I have since conquered many marathons and taken a leap into the ultra marathon world.

I love having stretch goals in front of me as daily reminders.  All my work passwords are running related and typically include the next distance I am seeking.  It keeps it real and fresh for me! We all know the mental aspects of running are just as important as the physical aspects.

So I decided on BoxerRunner100.  The handle combined my love for my rescue boxers, running, and my ultimate goal of achieving a 100 mile race…one day!  Perfect! Literally, a few days after I made the change I was on a run with my dogs, found 1/4 of a $100 bill (I have  been picking up change on runs all year), and returned some escaped dogs to their owner.  All in the matter of 6 miles.

I am typically not a suspicious person and I don’t read my horoscope. The irony and timing of these events just makes me think the running Gods sending me a shout out and a stamp of approval on my new goals! 🙂 As far fetched as it may seem, I am going to glean what I can from this and am taking this as a positive sign! Good things must be in my future!

Had any running Karma sent your way recently?

Homeless & Heartworms to Happy,Healthy and our newest Boxer Runner!

Potter is now heart worm NEGATIVE!  Yea for Potter!  We are so excited for our beautiful boxer boy who has the cutest grin and gives possibly the biggest boxer kisses ever! Potter was  given a second chance in life due to the hard working volunteers at Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue of NC, SC, VA. Read Potter’s journey!

May 2012

December 2011

Potter arrived to us as just a shell of a dog, 57lbs,  starved with his ribs and hip bones visible.  He has flourished into a healthy 79lbs and is full of energy and boxer spunk.

Potter accompanied me yesterday am for his first official run! He loved it!  We made it about 2.5 miles before I decided that was far enough for his initial journey.  Like humans they have to build up their endurance. Rex, his fur brother, can handle up to 7 miles at a time in cool temps.  I am super thrilled to have another “Boxer Runner”  in my running rotation for my early morning runs!

Potter on his 1st Boat Ride! This body made possible by the loving and caring volunteers at Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue!

Please consider adopting vs. shopping for a Pet of any kind.  There are millions of animals in need of loving and caring families all over the world.  These animals need a second chance at life!   Adopting and animal in need might be the most rewarding thing you ever do!