The first week of July I decided it was time to refresh my twitter handle. My handle, MarathoningMom, while I liked it was established early on in my marathoning venture.  I have since conquered many marathons and taken a leap into the ultra marathon world.

I love having stretch goals in front of me as daily reminders.  All my work passwords are running related and typically include the next distance I am seeking.  It keeps it real and fresh for me! We all know the mental aspects of running are just as important as the physical aspects.

So I decided on BoxerRunner100.  The handle combined my love for my rescue boxers, running, and my ultimate goal of achieving a 100 mile race…one day!  Perfect! Literally, a few days after I made the change I was on a run with my dogs, found 1/4 of a $100 bill (I have  been picking up change on runs all year), and returned some escaped dogs to their owner.  All in the matter of 6 miles.

I am typically not a suspicious person and I don’t read my horoscope. The irony and timing of these events just makes me think the running Gods sending me a shout out and a stamp of approval on my new goals! 🙂 As far fetched as it may seem, I am going to glean what I can from this and am taking this as a positive sign! Good things must be in my future!

Had any running Karma sent your way recently?

Meet our foster Baxter! Looking for his FURever home

Baxter...what is not to love

Baxter…what is not to love

My name is Baxter! I am a 2 year old puppy. I came to BRBR via owner surrender.  I was surrendered because the people who had me had too many pets.  I was neutered and very skinny.  I was not on monthly heart worm medicine so I am heart worm positive.  It really does not slow me down at all.  I am starting treatment in March.

too skinny, upon intake

too skinny, upon intake. Why are people so cruel

I am currently living with my foster family in Raleigh, NC.  They are really nice people.  I share my house with two skin kids ( pre-teen and teen) and two boxers Potter and Lucy. We all get along great and I love them all very much. They would keep me but they really need to keep a spot open in their house to foster dogs like me. My foster parents cannot believe how well behaved I am for only being 2 years  old. I love to play with my FURsiblings but I am also content laying on the bed beside my Foster mom and dad as they work.  I am crate trained and typically sleep in there at night time.  I also like to sleep in my skin sisters  room.  I need to see one of my people.

cozy on the bed!

cozy on the bed!

I am a really handsome fella.  The humans always comment on how good looking I am.  I am tall and lean.  My insides are full of springs. I can bound up really high when I get excited but I know not to jump on my people.  I just tall enough my nose can smell all the good stuff on the kitchen counters.  My people put stuff up there to tease me.  I like to steal stuff every once in a while.  I learned it from my fursister Lucy. She is always in trouble.  I also love toys and balls.

Snow...lets play!

Snow…lets play!

My people don’t allow me on the furniture and I am only allowed on the bed if you invite me.  I am good at following the rules.  I am a great dog!  I would love to meet you!


I am good on a leash and like walks

I come running when I hear ice going into a cup.  My mom gives me a cube every time

100% potty trained, I have not learned to lift my leg yet

I am doggie door trained

I am not a fence darter…

I love my people invite me on the bed.  When they want me off I box them…I am a boxer J

Our neighbors have chickens…I ignore them

I love all people and get excited when they come to visit

I love being with my FURsiblings…they teach me how to act and keep me straight

I love running, chasing, and chewing on my FURsiblings.  They put up with me!

I am adorable! Please consider if you have a FUREVER home for me.  Much love Baxter!


I am available via Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue.  Adoptable in NC, SC, VA.

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Volunteer Spotlight

We were honored to be the featured volunteer family for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue in July:) 

Meet The Martin Family


Jen Martin and her family began fostering for BRBR in October 2011 after adopting their Boxer Lucy from BRBR.  The Martin Family has fostered six Boxers for BRBR and is currently fostering Sam and her six babies! Here is what Jen and her family say about fostering and volunteering for BRBR: What we like about fostering for BRBR is the reward and personal satisfaction of helping a dog in need.  For us it is a family affair.  We are 4 unique individuals with varied interest and fostering is a connection point for our family.  We all share the passion and love for rescue.  I feel this is providing my children 13 and 10 valuable life lessons that will positively impact them from years to come.  For us, fostering was as simple decision…There are dogs in need! We love dogs and we want to give back. We love nurturing dogs and watching them flourish into happy healthy dogs. The personal satisfaction is worth every minute! I knew the family had caught the rescue fever when I came home from work and the family had a stray dog on a leash with them out front. I took one look at the dog and recognized the dog from two houses down, It was pretty funny!

Mom and Puppies Safe from PUPPY MILL!



As her babies sleep with full bellies in the safety of their puppy pen, Puppy Mill Mom Sam can finally rest easy. She no longer has to wonder when her next meal will come, or if she will get fresh water today. She and her babies are no longer baking under the hot SC sun. Sam is skin and bones, she gave everything she had to her puppies who are all healthy and well. Sam will need a little more TLC and care before she is ready for adoption, along with the six other female boxers BRBR saved. They are suffering from Demodex, Corneal Ulcers, malnutrition and the effects of physical and emotional neglect and abuse in a puppy mill.

Please consider donating towards their care and help us help them. Click the link to donate.

Thank you!

Sam and pups will be available for adoption via Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. Adoptions in NC, SC, VA.



5 days post PUPPY MILL…no nursing mother should look like this!


Safe and sound with us in Raleigh!


No need for words….


Lizzie’s Big Day!

Congratulations to Lizzie!  Lizzie, after many months, has finally found her “FUR”ever home!


My family was convinced I would never let her get adopted. It was never the case she just needed the right family. The greatest part is she is being adopted by Ashley who lives a few blocks away from us. Can we say VISITATION and first dibs on “dog sitting”. Ashley has been interested in Lizzie since we got her last July. She has followed her failed adoption, almost adoption, and decided she wasn’t letting her get away this time. They are a perfect match. Lizzie will live with mom Ashley and skin brother Miles and feline Smokey.” Congratulations Ashley & Lizzie!


Lizzie will forever hold a special place in my heart!  Miss you girl but so happy for you!


Celebration & Thanks…Reflections from Allee’s “FUR”ever Family

Our family has been volunteering with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue for almost two years.  While it is not always easy, the joys seem to always out shine the heartaches.


Sweet Allee

Earlier this week, I received the most sincere and  heartfelt update from a former adopter, Rebecca Z, reflecting on their year with Allee.  Her update brought tears of joy to my eyes.  Rebecca and Hector are wonderful people and have provided Allee with the loving and supportive environment that she needed.  Allee’s transition was not easy but they never gave up on her!

Allee and Tango Meet!

Allee and Tango Meet!

Allee Update from Rebecca

With Memorial Day Weekend here and gone I am reminded of how we spent last Memorial Day weekend…a Saturday morning drive to Greensboro to pick up a sweet boxer named Allee for a “trial week or so” in our home, a Saturday (and Sunday) filled with rotations with Allee and resident dog Tango and feeling like those rotations would NEVER end, a girl who disliked her crate so much that she broke out of it twice on the first day. Let’s face it, a “trial” visit to our home was never going to happen…only a permanent move was in this precious girl’s future.

Here we are, a year later, more and more attached to our beloved Allee every day. We’ve had our fair share of struggles. Hector, Tango and I have each been victim to Allee’s quick bite and sharp teeth. Last year’s 4th of July was in the midst of Allee’s quarantine for biting a neighbor. Allee sometimes still has difficulty when we come across other dogs on walks, but going ona walk is one of her favorite things to do. The daily highlights far outnumber the struggles we’ve had in our first year as a family.  Allee is…a dog who can’t wait to be allowed on our bed each morning after her trip outside and a delicious breakfast; a best friend to our 3 year old male Tango; a (mostly) laid back sweet girl who just wants to please you and be by her owner’s side; a silly girl who doesn’t so much do the boxer bean, but rather jumps up and down on all 4 legs when you get home. But most of all (to us at least) Allee is a Zambrana for life.

Thank you for all you did for our beloved Allee and for all you continue to do for the countless boxers you help each day!


THANK YOU Rebecca and Hector for giving Allee the second chance in life that she deserves!  You all are an AMAZING family!  

Allee's adoption day May 2012

Allee’s adoption day May 2012

Meet Lizzie, Precious Pocket Boxer looking for her “FUR”ever Family!

My name is Lizzie!  I joined Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue in June 2012.

Don’t you wonder what those eyes have seen…

I was a stray wandering around a neighborhood.  I was very skittish and hard to catch.  A special family was worried about me and worked really hard to catch me.  They knew I was scared, hungry, and homeless.  The nice family was finally able to catch me.  They welcomed me to their family.  After 6 months, I was still very skinny despite eating daily.

34lbs upon arrival to the rescue

They cared for me as long as they could but they knew I needed medical attention that was beyond their financial means.  The kind family was so nice to contact BRBR.

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue was able to take me in to their care in late June. They got me to the nice vet who checked me out and got me on meds for hook & whip worms, and spayed me.  I am light Heart Worm positive and will start my treatment in September.  I was skin and bones when I arrived at the vet.  My worms likely prevented me from gaining weight.  Upon arrival at the vet I was only 34lbs.  I have gained weight and looking much better.

Look close you can see my fawn markings

When I arrived with my foster family despite being malnourished my coat was shiny and beautiful.  I am unique in that I look like I am black but I am not!  Boxers do not carry the gene for black coat color.  I am a “sealed brindle” which means my brindle has so many dark lines it seals out the fawn lines making my coat appear completely black.  It is not really black, it just has excessive dark stripes. The AKC classifies me as brindle.  If you take me out in the sun light you will see all my fawn stripes/markings.  I am gorgeous and unique.  My other unique feature is that I am a tiny girl who is full grown.  Everyone mistakes me for a puppy, but I am a refined mature boxer with the  estimated age of  5-7years old.  I am the size of a typical 10-11 month old Boxer puppy.  Some people call us “pocket boxers.”  I am as precious as a puppy without the puppy behavior. Well , at least not all the time

Rex 71lbs and Lizzie 34lbs

I am currently living with my foster family in Raleigh, NC.  I have three fur siblings who are also rescued boxers.  Lucy, Rex, and Potter.  I also have two skin siblings a 12yr old tween girl and a 10yr old boy.  How could I forget my wonderful skin Foster Mom & Dad.  They are taking such good care of me.  I have adapted very nicely into the established Boxer Pack!

I am a sweet lovable girl.  I follow my foster mom everywhere.  We cook, clean, do laundry, etc. I am with her all the time except when she is at work.  She is super special to me because she picked me up from the vet.  I was so scared that day it took her 10 minutes to get me to the car.  Back in those days, I was scared of every noise I heard and did not walk through doorways.  Also I did not like men.  I have come a long way in a matter of weeks.  While still cautious, I am not nearly as scared as I used to be.  I am making progress every day.  My foster family is very active and fast paced so I have learned to be comfortable with noise and chaos. I don’t run and hide as much anymore.  I am still working on my fears….one day at a time.  I love attention and love to be wherever my people are.  Here are some additional things you might want to know about me:

  •  I am a super sweet girl who loves to be by my humans side.   
  • I am totally potty trained.100%
  • I like my Crate  I  can sleep in my crate at night (or be left out…I am so cute my humans let me sleep on the bed) I chill in my crate when my humans have to leave the house. My humans know they are spoiling me by letting me sleep on the bed with them but I am just so tiny and cute they often treat me like a baby.   I deserve a little extra attention don’t you think
  • I get excited when you come home. I have not showed off the famous “boxer bean” as of yet but I am learning how to be a boxer.
  • I don’t get on the furniture in the house my parents don’t want me on the furniture in case my “new family” has the same rule.  The basement is another story….when I am with my skin siblings I can sit with them on the sofa…but only in the basement.
  • I love being with my humans and will follow them where ever they go especially my mom.  She is my favorite.  I love my Dad, he has taught me not to be scared of men.  I even great guest in our home after I figure out they are ok
  • I know my name. My foster family gave it to me. 
  • I come when called.
  • I don’t dart out doors or gates.
  • I like all dogs 
  • I don’t really like being outside (probably since I was forced to be in the elements as a stray) However, I will chill outside with the other dogs.  I love being inside the comfort of the house.  It is not as scary. 
  • I use the doggie door to come in and out as I please.  
  • I swim and my little ears stick out like batman 
  • I am a runner!  My parents take me trail running and I most prefer to run along side them “off leash” where permitted.  
  • My parents have only heard me bark twice…don’t be fooled by my size it is a BIG bark. 
  • Rex, Potter, Lizzie, Lucy…Loving their second chance at life.

    I do like walks and have gotten much better on the leash.  I get really scared when noisy trucks come by.  I stop dead in my tracks.

I am a super sweet beautiful girl.  I am as precious as a puppy without all the puppy craziness.  I would be the perfect addition to a home with kids, dogs, maybe cats etc.  I would also be good as an only dog.  Please consider giving me a FURever home.  You will not regret it!

Love and Kisses……LIZZIE

Lizzie is available at  BlueRidgeBoxerRescue ( Adopting to NC,VA, SC)

Please consider animals in need……

ADOPT , don’t shop!

Visit your local shelter or rescue organization.


Boxer Snuggle

Boxer Snuggle


40lbs+ and Healthy

Waiting for my FURever home..xoxxo

Waiting for my FURever home..xoxxo

NC State Fans!

NC State Fans!

Sheena’s and her puppies Second Chance at life!


This is the face of a ” shelter dog ” that was on death row. Skinny , dirty , full of worms, pregnant. She has never had an accident in her foster home. She loves the other dogs and cats in her foster home. She lets strangers and small children handle her babies . Give 1 one good reason , that she should have died? Please consider fostering and saving a life!  I am so proud to be part of Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue! 

Follow Sheena and her pups as they get a chance at a wonderful life



“FUR”ever Family Updates…Allee!

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue foster dog updates….

Allee Girl!

Allee joined her “FUR”ever family May 26, 2012 in Charlotte, NC.  It was a perfect match with two wonderful parents and a fur-sibling Tango.  She settled in nicely and even got some one on one training from the Blue Ridge Boxer Trainer.  We are so happy for Allee!

Allee and her new family

So, our house has been quieted by 4 paws…but the other 12 keep it rock’in.  We will enjoy the down time!  It is just a matter of time before the next boxer in needs finds its way to us!

Garmin Casualty….Boxers gone BAD!

Apparently the bowl of noodles was not enough!  In a matter of an minutes, one of my three lovely boxers “counter surfed” pulled down a bowl of noodles and my GARMIN.  I can understand the noodles but WHY my Garmin?  The last I checked it did not smell like a hunk of meat ( I actually rinsed it after my run this am).

Fortunately, the body of the watch and screen were spared.  I cannot say the same thing for the band which was chewed off.  I have no idea where the missing piece is….I can only imagine.


Thanks to a replacement band is one the way.  T-6 days until the City of Oaks Marathon!…I sure hope it arrives 🙂

#1 Garmin Chewer Suspect- Lucy ( she may have even worn this chef disguise)Image

#2 Noodle Suspect Rex (anyone who can stand as tall as this can pull items off the counter)


#3 Suspect- Potter ( I think his huge tongue would not allow him to chew my watch)Image