Buddy needs a FURever Home- ADOPTED 9/15


( Update- Buddy was adopted 9/2015/!)

My name is Buddy! I am a 3 year old puppy(7/4/2012). I came to BRBR via owner surrender by a military family. They took good care of me and taught me to be a very disciplined dog.  I respond very well to voice command and correction.  I am excellent on a leash and love to run!

I am currently living with my foster family in Raleigh, NC.  They are really nice people.  I share my house with two skin kids ( pre-teen and teen) and two boxers Potter and Lucy. I love lucy(female).  I am trying to get along with Potter(male). It is probably best if I go to a home with no males.  My foster family really loves me.  They constantly remark how I am such a good dog.  I have a great disposition to be so young.   I love to play with my FURsiblings but I am also content laying on the bed beside my Foster mom and dad as they work.  I am crate trained and typically sleep in there at night time.  I also like to sleep in my skin sisters  room.  I like being with my people.

I am a really handsome fella.  The humans always comment on how good looking I am.  I am tall and lean.  My insides are full of springs. I can bound up really high when I get excited but I know not to jump on my people.  My people don’t allow me on the furniture and I am only allowed on the bed if you invite me.  I am good at following the rules.  I am a great dog!  I would love to meet you!


I am good on a leash, like walks, am an excellent runner. Running up to 8 miles at a time

100% potty trained, Crate trained, I am doggie door trained

I am not a fence darter…

Our neighbors have chickens…I ignore them

I love all people and get excited when they come to visit

I love being with my FURsiblings…they teach me how to act and keep me straight!

I am adorable! Please consider if you have a FUREVER home for me.  Much love Buddy!

Visit, WWW.BlueRidgeBoxerResuce.com, to complete an application.


I am adorable..right?


Sleeping as my Foster Mom works



Behaving so nicely at the Vet

Post 7 mile run!

Post 7 mile run!

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