The first week of July I decided it was time to refresh my twitter handle. My handle, MarathoningMom, while I liked it was established early on in my marathoning venture.  I have since conquered many marathons and taken a leap into the ultra marathon world.

I love having stretch goals in front of me as daily reminders.  All my work passwords are running related and typically include the next distance I am seeking.  It keeps it real and fresh for me! We all know the mental aspects of running are just as important as the physical aspects.

So I decided on BoxerRunner100.  The handle combined my love for my rescue boxers, running, and my ultimate goal of achieving a 100 mile race…one day!  Perfect! Literally, a few days after I made the change I was on a run with my dogs, found 1/4 of a $100 bill (I have  been picking up change on runs all year), and returned some escaped dogs to their owner.  All in the matter of 6 miles.

I am typically not a suspicious person and I don’t read my horoscope. The irony and timing of these events just makes me think the running Gods sending me a shout out and a stamp of approval on my new goals! 🙂 As far fetched as it may seem, I am going to glean what I can from this and am taking this as a positive sign! Good things must be in my future!

Had any running Karma sent your way recently?