Our Foster Dogs

We have been  fostering boxers with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue since October 2011.  Below is a look at all the precious fur babies whom we have welcomed into our home! 17+ , not counting the three we had twice, still going strong!

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Where it all began! Lucy (left) adopted from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue May 2011. Rex (right) adopted from a friend April 2010.

Where it all began! Lucy (left) adopted from Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue May 2011. Rex (right) adopted from a friend April 2010.

Maple ( 10/2011)– Maple was pulled from a Gassing shelter is Shelby, NC.  She is living happily ever after with another boxer in Western NC.

Maple..living adopted to family in Western NC!



Potter (11/2011)Potter was pulled from a gassing shelter in Gastonia, NC hours before he was to be euthanized.  Picked up as a stray this sweet boy was intact, emaciated, with visible ribs, hip bones, and was heart worm positive.  We fattened him up, treated all his medical issues, and  gave him lots of love.  Potter was adopted, he was gone 6 weeks, before he and is sibling were returned to the rescue.  We took him back in and adopted him! Celebrating heart worm negative status!  RIP-our sweet boy passed on 8/25/2018



Potter- Foster Failure, sweet boy was returned to the rescue so we adopted him!


Bridget (2/2012) Bridget was picked up as a stray in Anderson, SC.  She was in terrible shape.  Estimated age 9 months.  Super sweet girl! After she was all fixed up she was adopted to a family in Charlotte, NC.



Bridget LOVED Potter


Allee (March 2012) Allee was surrendered to the rescue with a prolapsed uterus..she had for over a year.  She healed nicely and we worked on socialization with our Boxer Crew.  Allee was adopted to a loving family in Charlotte, NC.  Allee has taken a special role in her family as nurturing the incoming foster puppies. Special Thanks from Allee’s  family.



Lizzie ( June 2012) Lizzie was picked up as a stray and lived with a caring family until they realized they could not financially provide her with the medical treatment she needed. Lizzie, a sealed pocket boxer, arrived emaciated, full or worms, and heart worm positive. Once healed Lizzie was adopted, unfortunately, it was not a good fit and returned to us for several more months before she found her final furever home.  Lizzie lives locally and stays with us often.  She is thriving in her new home.

image Footsnuggles

Dog snuggles

Dog snuggles

Rancher 2013– Our first white boxer! Rancher, AKC registered, was surrendered to the shelter with his breeding mate.  It was obvious Rancher was used as a stud and had very limited human touch or social interactions.  He was a sweet boy.  He was neutered and adopted very quickly to a family in Raleigh, NC.

racher2 DSC_0734 rancher3

Momma Sam and her 6 puppies (June 2013)- Sam and her 6 puppies were rescued from a puppy mill raid in SC.  Full of worms and parasites these whities were a hot mess! They rocked our world and it was love at first sight.  It was a very busy summer taking care of puppies.  It was a wonderful experience for the family.  Hard work! Momma Sam was adopted, only to be returned to the rescue spring 2014 when her family moved.  We took her back in and she was adopted Spring 2014 to a loving family outside of Goldsboro, NC.  The puppies are all doing well and are HUGE! All of them beautiful!

Momma Sam upon arrival

Momma Sam upon arrival

samandpups samheadshot samandpup1



DSC_1326 DSC_1334 DSC_1340 AsheFriday DSC_1366 DSC_1371 Piper2 MackMudcroppedFiona (September 2013) Fiona, an 85lb 10 month old Mastiff Boxer mix was with us for a short two weeks.  She was a kind, loving, laid back dog.  She was adopted to a family in Cary, NC.


Fiona Cary Living Covergirl!

Fiona Cary Living Covergirl!

Emmett (January 2014)- Emmett was picked up as a stray.  He had a large non threatening growth on his ear and a full tail. As a preventive measure, the growth was removed.  Emmett was a adopted locally.  Just a block away in Raleigh, NC.  We love seeing Emmett and all his squishy cuteness very often!  RIP – 2015



Emmett- Notorious Master of counter surfing!



Emmett with his new brother Henry

Rufus (April 2014) Rufus was surrendered to the rescue by a family who could not longer provide the care that Rufus needed.  They did they right thing by entrusting Rufus to the loving care of the rescue.  Rufus, 9 months, was a gentle loving puppy.  Despite his age he did not have all the crazy puppy energy. Rufus was adopted in May 2014 to a family in Charlotte, NC.  Rufus has beautiful eyes.Rufus Rufus2 DSC_0056 Rufus3_compressed

Judd ( October 2014 to Jan 2015)  Judd was pulled from a shelter in rural SC.  He was surrendered to the shelter with his boxer wife and their 5 two day old puppies.  Their owner was taken to jail.  Two of the puppies died shortly after arrival to the shelter.  Both Judd and his boxer wife are heart-worm positive.  Judd will undergo heart-worm treatment starting in December.  After the 6 week treatment, Judd will go to his furever home outside Charlotte, NC.

.  image

Congrats to Judd who found his FUREVER home in Charlotte, NC! Jan 2015. He is doing GREAT

Congrats to Judd who found his FUREVER home in Charlotte, NC! Jan 2015. He is doing GREAT

Baxter (February 2015 to May 2015) Baxter, estimated 2 years old, was an owner surrender to a NC shelter due to his owners claiming they had too many pets.  He was nuetered, very skinny, and heart worm positive.  He is a beautiful boy and has adjusted very nicely into our boxer pack.  He is definitely a puppy! Precious!

Baxter...what is not to love

Baxter…what is not to love


Buddy (June 2015 to September 2015) Buddy, I am a 3 year old puppy(7/4/2012). I came to BRBR via owner surrender by a military family. They took good care of me and taught me to be a very disciplined dog.  I respond very well to voice command and correction.  I am excellent on a leash and love to run!  I am super sweet and very loving.  Read more…


Taki ( July 2016)– Taki, 8 months old, was pulled from a shelter.  Young submissive and scared this cutie quickly adapted to the Martin box crew and stayed with us for two short weeks before he was adopted.  He is living happily ever after in Raleigh, NC.  You can follow him on Instragram Taki Tails


Miller ( August 2016)– Miller, estimated 8 months old, boxer bulldog mix, was an owner surrender to shelter with his siblings…wait for it….Corona and Bud.  The rescue referred to them as the “Beer Crew”.  While they were clearly boxer mixes, we felt a strong urge to help them out.  Miller immediately bonded with our two boxers and stole our hearts.  I wanted him to be an foster failure but Dan said we had to keep the foster door open to help other dogs.  He was right.  Miller was adopted to a local family and is being spoiled rotten.  Yea Miller!


Roscoe (November 2016- February 2017) 1.5 year old Boxer.  Typical mischievous  boxer puppy.  He was pulled from shelter in Salisbury, NC.  I don’t have his back story.  He came to us with some separation anxiety but quickly settled in.  He is such a lover and loves to snuggle.  He terrorized our house, especially our trash can that he thought was his prize box.  He was too cute to stay mad at.  Rosco was adopted early February to a family in SC.


Milo March 2017

Toby ( March 2017 to May)

Sunny ( June 2017 to July 2017)

Kermit….the dog ( July to November 2017)

Herkie ( March to April)

Simon ( April 2018 – Foster Failure #2)

Charlie ( March 2019- Foster Failure #3)

Kota ( July 2019)


2 thoughts on “Our Foster Dogs

  1. I just lost my [son] Nubber, 8/6/16 & he was 7 yrs. old. he was a fawn colored german boxer, he never got over 50 lbs. and I’m grieving so bad over him, I cry everyday, and maybe adoption is for me. we’ve got a lot of love to give to 1 or more. we have 3.5 acres & will soon be fenced in, needless to say, my nub always stayed in the house. If you know of any let me know. ty Michael Calder


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