In awe of my pal Sarah Bowen Shea’s, AnotherMotherRunner.com, uncanny ability to find money while running. I was inspired to give it a try.  In 2015, I vowed to find at least $1.00 while running. Once you look, you will be amazed at what you will find!

  • 2015- $1.98, all change and 1/2 100 bill
  • 2016- $2.73, all change, and my engagement ring:)
  • 2017- $3.39, to date as of 10/23/17

The unofficial challenge was on! Findings were/and are taunted and celebrated via twitter.  Rules, perhaps only my rules, were quickly established that for the $ to count it must be found while you are in the physical “act of running”.  I will not pick up change unless I am running.  Some find that odd, but money found out and about does not excite me.  I keep my money in a special cup by the sink and my family knows not to add to it!

This one still pisses me off! I have yet to go back with a hammer and screwdriver!

Friends get in on the fun!  Erin stopped mid 26.2, Pittsburgh Marathon to pick up a penny I ran right over!

To date ( 1/2017) I have not found paper money while running.  My only find was a half 100 dollar bill! Still don’t know if its real or fake, but I gleaned great meaning out of it  as I contemplated my desire to one day run a 100 miler.  The find was a sign from the running Gods! I am certain 🙂  The find prompted a change in my twitter handle to BoxerRunner100 from MarathoningMom.

I certainly hit dry spells!   A fresh find is exciting and even more exciting to share!

My friends taunt me with their money finds! This one was the mother of all hauls from Anj!

If this translated to cash  I would still be the leader of the 2016 #foundchange challenge. Lost after 6 months, I found my engagement ring outside as I left the house for my run.

My friends continue to slay me in this game….

My determination for #foundchange even landed me as a guest on AnotherMotherRunner.com #212 #foundchange: Finding Money While Running pod cast.  Clearly, I was the under achiever of the group! But hey we must all start somewhere.  The pod cast brought me luck as my next run was my biggest haul to date

Finally, I found money on the trail! Found a quarter during a training running on the Virginia Creeper Trail for the #Yeti100.  This one stayed in my hydration pack for the 9/30 event!

My money is always beat to S%#&! Makes me wonder how often I run past it.

#FoundChange PR for 2017! $2.72

Do you pick up change when you run? Do you even look?  Look, you will be surprised! Finding even just a penny mid a tough run will turn it around for me! Join the #foundchange challenge on twitter!

First find of 2017, while traveling to Seattle for work.