Running…Post 100 Miler, Yeti100!

You always remember your first. Almost four months post Yeti100! The memories are fresh and I am still beaming with pride daily at my accomplishment.  It was certainly my largest running accomplishment to date.

Yeti100 video recap thru the eyes of my sweet 16 year old daughter, and our  boxer dogs!


Madelyn was so proud of her Mom! I was so glad she was part of my journey!

How do you top that? Do I need to top that? These are questions I continue to ask myself and don’t have the answer to.  I am constantly asked “Whats next?” almost as another epic accomplishment it is expected of me.  I don’t have an answer.  I do know,  I don’t have anything to prove to anyone but myself and unless my heart is in it…it won’t happen. I wanted the Yeti 100 buckle so bad. I poured my heart, soul, and six months of training into making it happen.  I am confident that strong yearning was the foundation for my strong mental state that made my 23hr 52 min journey so pleasant. Yes I said pleasant! I was a happy runner all the way!

Yeti 100 ink! My first Tattoo.....from the lady who said I would never get one! Never say NEVER!

Yeti 100 ink! My first Tattoo…..from the lady who said I would never get one! Never say NEVER! This Tattoo pays! As the 25th Yeti Trail Runner to get a Yeti Tattoo, I have lifetime free entry into Yeti Trail Running events! Jason Green, Founder, is such a cool guy!

2017…I will bask in the continued glory of my accomplishment.  When I feel the tug and yearning for another event, I will know it’s time.  No hurry! Run and enjoy! That is what it is all about…JOY! Sheer JOY! That is why I do it!