BoxerRunner100 going for Triple digits!

Its happening! 111 days from now I will be running The Yeti 100 Endurance Run on the Virgina Creeper Trail.  

At the finish line of  my 75.7 miles at Croatan24, my running buddy Jeremy approached me and asked if I had another 25 miles/6 hours in me.  I don’t believe my response is “pg” rated.  However it was a valid question since the conversations of me potentially running my 1st hundred miler started a few weeks earlier while volunteering at the Mother Earth Brewing Iron Clad Half Marathon.  Jennifer and my sister Amy are 100% responsible for getting this conversation started.


Jeremy and me post 100 mile discussion.  He ran 13.1 and I earned my beer volunteering.  Just realized he has on his Yeti hat…we did not know at the time we would both be running Yeti100! (just another sign…..)


The 100 mile instigators….Jennifer and my sister Amy! ( pic prior to my Ultra Redemption Run)

The “100 mile” seed was planted but no firm plans of when it might happen.  Little did I know the plans were being made for me.  Monday morning, as I lay in bed, post Croatan24, I called Amy ( after all she is 100% responsible for my running addiction) we were causally chatting about Croatan24 and she said “well I guess you are running a 100 miler. ”  I said “What are you talking about?”  She said, “Read your email”.  I immediately, went to my email and saw a confirmation as a participant in the Graveyard100!  OMG! I thought I would vomit! I had been “signed up” a form of “race bullying” at its best by  friend and Race Director Brandon Wilson.  What a tremendous vote of confidence.  Brandon is tough! A first class heckler and taunter but deep down inside he is a very sincere supporter and has been a part of all my ultra quest.  Thanks Brandon!


Highfive from RD, Brandon Wilson after my 75.7 miles at Croatan24.  Great 24hour event, now Tideland24! (I am living proof you can run up to  50 miles a week and gain weight! OMG…at my heaviest and had no idea! )

Fast forward a few weeks, and due to personal issues Brandon was not going to be Rd’ing Graveyard100.  I was crushed.  I did not want to attempt this 100 miler if he was not RD.  My excitement waned and I was silently on a quest for another 100.  That week I had been talking to my husband about riding the Virgina Creeper Trail again in the summer. We had two prior visits and we loved it.  I really wanted to go back.

BOOM…the running Gods dropped the Yeti100 Endurance Run on the Virgina Creeper into my Facebook feed.  I don’t lie…it literally happened just like that.  Wow, this was meant to be! Dan (my hubby) and I discussed the idea of me running my first 100 miler.  We don’t often discuss my running, while he is very supportive, I am a very independent person who does not often seek input of others.  This was a big deal and I wanted his input and support.  He agreed it was meant to be and I should do it.


My running widower Dan! He is awesome! Thanks Dan! Post my fist ULTRA FAIL! Pine Moutain 40!

Registration opened day after Thanksgiving and I registered myself and Jeremy.  Poor Jeremy lost his debit card so I fronted him the cash and got him registered.  After all I was not going at this alone.  I needed him there!

Training is in full swing! I am feeling great and absolutely appreciate the support  and encouragement from my family and friends.  The confidence my family and friends have in me give me that extra push.  I want this, and I am determined to make this happen!

“Proceed as if Success is inevitable” ~ unknown

Pics from  Grayson Highlands Half /50l April 2016 & #yeti100 Endurance Run Training 22 miler June 4th.


All friendships have limits, and my “tried and true” running friends threw up their hands in surrender as I ventured down my ultra running path.  While absolutely supportive, they asked that I call in reinforcements.  Hence, my friendship with Anj and Fred, previously limited to twitter and Instagram blossomed! Huge thanks to Anj and Fred for joining me on the training run last weekend.  It was so much fun!


Running friends “Tried and True”..Kate, Kmac, me, Becky at Grayson Highlands half/50k!


It was an honor to meet Jason Green, founder of Yeti Trail Runners and RD for Yeti100 at Grayson Highlands.  He was so encouraging of my quest. What an authentic guy!


Yeti100 Endurance Run..33 mile training run with my #internetfriends #newfriends Anj and Fred!



Yeti friends!


along the creeper



I found Jesus on the Creeper! This will be comforting as I pass three times!


Friends helping friends….the second half of run got hot!


Officially my #foundchange nemesis  Our past two trail runs she found $


This selfie does not do this rolling hills farm justice. It was beautiful!



Done 33 miles….trestle #1` of 141 on the Virgina Creeper!  Beautiful run. I cannot wait until September!



Elevation…Yeti!00….Thankfully only one trip back up!  Planning on running than in July.


Until then…Cheers to friends old and new and many more miles!

Pushing my comfort zone…

My daily inspiration.....given to me by Amy!

My daily inspiration…..given to me by my sister Amy.

I just completed week 5 of my ultra training and am I am feeling very accomplished. I am more determined than ever to nail this race.

My snow/ice trek to get in my CrossFit home WOD with Kathryn.

My snow/ice trek to get in my CrossFit home WOD  work out in with buddy  Kathryn.

I have nailed every workout on my training plan and am committed! I have never nailed every work out on any previous training effort. Why is this different? I am not really sure other than the fact I don’t like to fail. My first ultra attempt was a FAIL! I am stubborn, hardheaded, and I don’t like to fail.  While nobody has ever question my ability, for me… the successful completion of this ultra is 100% personal. I have a score to settle with myself.

This weekend I exceeded my personal distance record by running 31 miles. Prior to Saturday, my longest run was 28 miles ( my 1st ultra attempt). In prep for Saturday’s training run I was mentally, physically, and logistically prepared.  I knew I could conquer the distance.

My recruiting map.  I love planning running buddies think I am crazy

My recruiting map. I love planning running buddies think I am crazy

I rallied my non injured running peeps and they eagerly signed up to join me along my route! It was amazing it made the miles go by so quickly. I honestly could not have gotten through this without the company.  I only ran 3.5 miles alone( 15.5-19)! . Thanks BRF’s!

Our first stop mile 6 to pick up Kate!

Our first stop mile 6 to pick up Kate! Super shout out to Lizzy and Syd ( on ends) College Sophomores training for their first marathon, started with me at 6.45am for their 18 mile run! Impressive…I never did that in college.

I felt good the entire run. Don’t get my wrong… around mile 20 I was certainly tired and my hamstrings were screaming at me but I listened to my body and threw in some longer walking sessions. I know I will have to walk much more on race day.

Kayla joined me at mile 19-31! She chatted me up the entire way! Thanks Kayla

Kayla joined me at mile 19-31! She chatted me up the entire way! Thanks Kayla

My fueling, every 45 minutes, was right on! Thanks Byron Powell, author of Relentless Forward Progress for the awesome tips.  Byron’s book has equipped me with so much knowledge and confidence.  Back to fueling…while at times my fueling alarm seemed too often, I made my self eat, take my salt stick tabs, and flush it down with my strawberry lemonade Nuun. I also tested out my homemade protein balls which were super yummy. They will be a new race day staple.  My consistent fueling and hydration effort paid off.

As Kayla and I ran the final .25 up the HILL to my house,  Kayla was determined to conquer the  the hill as it defeated her several weeks prior. I joined her pursuit and powered to the  finish.   I was pretty darn excited to be almost done.

Finish Line Posse!

Finish Line Posse!

As we crested the hill, I spotted a car in front of my house. Out popped out Kate ( who ran 7 miles with me) and Kathryn ( who trashed her knee on the trail run the week prior) they were there to greet me and congratulate me on my 31 mile accomplishment!

I was blown away! The support and encouragement from my friends through out the day moved me to tears. Tears of joy and tears of celebration!  They presented me with a homemade personalized medal! #SUPERBLING  I will cherish it forever! It is happily displayed on my medal rack. It is my #1 all time favorite!


imageSo here is to a great week of training and most of all great friends! Friends make seemingly impossible task doable!