A boy and his Dog…

Every boy should have two things:  a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one  ~Anonymous

We have clearly accomplished the quote above!  My Son has not only one dog… but several and his mother is the instigator of the multiple canine household.  We are “dog” lovers.  We all equally enjoy the unconditional love and entertainment our dogs bring.  They truly do complete our family.

You always hear cliche’s regarding the relationship between a boy and his dog.  I have witness this first hand watching my son bond with our dogs.  In his early years, he so desperately wanted our “Senior” Springer Spaniel (Hampton) to play with him.  He tried everything he could to entice her to chase him, bite at his heels, anything.  She would just look at him with her soulful brown eyes wondering why he was disturbing her rest.  Hampton’s ruckus days had passed way before he entered the world. He still loved her dearly despite the fact she could not be enticed to play with him.  When Hampton crossed the Rainbow bridge, after 14 years, we were all deeply saddened. We missed her terribly and waited over a  year until we ventured into being pet owners again.

It was meant to happen as we were introduced to “Rex” a 1.5yr old brindle Boxer whom needed a “furever” home.  He was a rescue who had been through several families, for reasons unknown to us he was once again looking for a family to take him in.  Boxer? I had never had a Boxer, never wanted a Boxer, and did not know anything about these crazy looking Dogs.   My Husband was the first to meet Rex and declared him as a “cool dog” That’s all it took. We welcomed him into our family and he was the  start of what I like to call our “Boxer Collection”

The bond between boy and dog was immediate.  My Son now had a active play mate whom would chase him, play hide-n-sneak, wrestle, and generally participate in all his antics.  Prior to rescuing, I thought you needed to raise a dog from a puppy for that special bond.  Wrong I was!  While puppies are cute, and everyone should have one or care for one in their life time they are a lot of work. I will never forgot, as a newlywed,  the words of my Dad when we expressed interest in a puppy, “You should not get a dog, until you can be home with it full time.”           Holly $%&!  He is talking about a DOG not a human….seriously?  For my Dad’s generation that was just the way it was.   Hell….years later I did not even stay home with my kids.   I wonder if he even  remembers saying that?  

Rex was fully potty trained and full of love an affection. No rearing from the puppy years was needed for bonding with the family.  Rex was/is the perfect match for my highly creative and mischievous son.  They….boy and dog keep us entertained.  They run, chase, play hide-n-seek, taunt each other, wrestle, you name it they do it!  

As a parent, it is so fun to watch this bond between boy and dog. They play differently than anyone else in the family.  Basically it is a uncomplicated relationship, just  unconditional love.

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. ~A France 

The average dog has one request to all humankind. Love me. ~Helen Exley 

Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our lives whole.
-Roger Caras

Consider a rescue for your next pet! Rescuing is speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.