Do You Want to Run a Ragnar?

Great Relay Recap from my fellow vanmate Jodi!


By Princess Jodi

Do you want to run a Ragnar? Doesn’t have to be a Ragnar…

It could be any multi-day relay adventure involving teams, vans, sleeping in fields, navigating new places and, of course, running. Lots of running.


When I was chosen to run the Ragnar Relay Napa Valley with the Another Mother Runner team last Fall, I had no idea what to expect. I had never done a relay. I had never met my team mates (save for brief runDisney encounters with the captains, Sarah and Dimity). I was a total relay rookie, figuring it out as I went.

Since finishing Ragnar Napa, I have had questions from friends and contacts on social media about what a relay is really like, and what you should know going into a race. I am definitely no expert, but my 38 hours on the road with the Badass Mother Runners (BAMRs) has…

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