Tribute to Rex our Beloved Boxer…A boy and his Dog…

We lost our beloved 1st born Boxer, Rex, suddenly this week. We loved him dearly and will miss him terribly. Rex, opened our hearts and home to the Boxer breed and to the joy of rescue. Rex passed at a young age (estimated 5 yrs) peacefully due to heart complications. Our baby earned his angel wings. Run Free Sexy Rexy! Forever in our hearts!

A special thanks to Dr. Kate Woodruff, NCSU Veterinary School, Cardiology.  Dr. Kate provided Rex with exceptional care and loved him as much as we did.  Rex loved his  “Spa Days” at the vet school. Dr. Kate, was compassionate, caring, and was very straightforward with us regarding Rex’s prognosis.  Thanks Dr. Kate for giving Rex 5 quality months.


Rex looking for Dr. Kate!

I am too heart broken to write post.  I recalled a post I wrote in 2011, after re-reading it I felt it was perfect.




Every boy should have two things:  a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one  ~Anonymous

We have clearly accomplished the quote above!  My Son has not only one dog… but several and his mother is the instigator of the multiple canine household.  We are “dog” lovers.  We all equally enjoy the unconditional love and entertainment our dogs bring.  They truly do complete our family.

You always hear cliche’s regarding the relationship between a boy and his dog.  I have witness this first hand watching my son bond with our dogs.  In his early years, he so desperately wanted our “Senior” Springer Spaniel (Hampton) to play with him.  He tried everything he could to entice her to chase him, bite at his heels, anything.  She would just look at him with her soulful brown eyes wondering why he was disturbing her rest.  Hampton’s ruckus days had passed way before he entered the…

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