Getting real with my #ULTRAredemption

My quest for my #ULTRAredemption got REAL last week when I officially registered for the CedarIsland40. Which might I add is actually 42 miles!

It is official!

It is official!

I was excited and felt like I would vomit at the same time.  I immediately sent out an email to my running peeps letting them know of my quest.  I need their support and to hold me accountable for what I have sought out to do.  My first Ultra attempt was a FAIL!   A novice mistake I learned from.  Don’t get me wrong…I was very proud of the fact I accomplished 28 miles on a very technical trail with limited lung function before being pulled.  It just did not end the way I intended.

Despite not being able to finish I was all smiles cheering on runners at the finish! Congrats David and Laura 9:22:48- Pine Mountain 40, Pine Mountain, GA

Despite not being able to finish I was all smiles cheering on runners at the finish! Congrats David and Laura 9:22:48- Pine Mountain 40, Pine Mountain, GA

So I am calling a “DO OVER”  My sister (Amy),one of my biggest supporters, is the race director for the Cedar Island 40. Its pretty exciting!  From day one she said you are either volunteering or running.  Running it is!  Ironically, the race starts in the same city where I ran my first half marathon in 2009.  I will take this as a good sign. Amy says I got this…I appreciate her vote of confidence.

Cedar Island 40 route along coast of NC

Cedar Island 40 route along coast of NC

Almost two months out I am already way more prepared than last time.  You have to love fellow bloggers who offer so much insight and information.  Many thanks to ActiveHarmony for an awesome book referral Relentless Forward Progress A Guide to running Ultramarathons.  I love it!  Its been an awesome resource for general information and training plans.  Thanks to a fellow tweep @JieWie I picked up a Nathan Endurance Vest, 2-liter. It arrived tonight and is super light and comfortable.  I cannot wait to test it out this weekend.

Coach Chennelle....Do you want to tell this skipped out on your training! I don't!

Coach Chennelle….Do you want to tell this Badass…you skipped out on your training! I don’t!

Since my last ultra attempt I have added Crossfit into my weekly training.  I started last April and LOVE IT! My strength training in the past was hit or miss.  Actually more of a miss.  Crossfit has been an awesome addition to my weekly routine.  I have found a great Box and coaches at Raleigh Crossfit.   Coach Chennelle, Coach & Owner, of Raleigh Crossfit, was kind enough to review  and provide input to my training plan.  She has adapted my weekly Crossfit training and had me add in additional mobility and core work.  In addition, she has asked me to give her an weekly update of my training.  I am thrilled to do that and have the additional accountability for accomplishing my weekly training.  Chennelle was kind enough to provide input into my training so I don’t want to let her down.  I got to put in the work to get this thing DONE!

20140204-200620.jpgSo I am ready! Now it is time to commit to the training and make it happen! Advice welcome!

10 thoughts on “Getting real with my #ULTRAredemption

  1. Jennifer,

    This is likely an adventure you will never forget, a gateway to something beyond what you expect, if it’s done well you can be sure that’s the case.

    There are certain people in life who are not content in “the norm”. Those people live life in excess, they are over achievers. In running outsiders and non-believers call them odd, crazy & insane. For those who have walked that path we call them friend, family, ultramarathoner.

    Be certain of this you will want to quit, you should want to, you will stare hate & discontent in the face, you should have to, you will see misery and be reduced to either embracing it as your own & putting one foot in front of the other, or choosing the safe path and quitting.

    The average, they seek the safe place & either do not attempt, or they find reasons not to finish.

    The insane, crazy, ultrarunner, they pull from the place unknown, the deep within, they demand of themselves the unknown and their reward is one no medal or award can fully appreciate because you rubbed paint with failure, came out with battle scars & succeeded.

    This is what awaits you at CI40, pain,
    Suffering & discontent, you should be very, very mad at Amy right now because she lied to you. The only thing “you got” is a whole lot of suck in front of you. Wrap a wall around your mind because you will need that fortress when your body fails you.

    A worst case scenario still is success.

    Because in success 42-miles will seem insufficient, then what’s? 50-miles, 100k, 100-miles? What will feed that need to accept failure as a possibility & push toward the finish?

    What then?

    If an answer for that fails you, April is a good time to enjoy an air conditioned shopping mall.

    Good luck


    • Brandon.. Thanks so much for the “Reality” I love it. I am determined to push through every ounce of SUCK. Failure is not an option. I will curse Amy every mile…while knowing she is cheering me on. I am excited and scared at the same time. You never know what the day may bring physically but my mental game will be on. Thanks for your encouragement…..I guess we can call it that hehe!


    • wow! Bryon thanks for stopping by. The book is awesome and so helpful. Thrilled to have adapted one of the training plans. I love how you included multiple options to adapt the training. Awesome stuff! Many Thanks


      • Glad the multiple options helped out. Folks too often focus on the perfect plan… there is none. There are so many ways to reasonably prepare for an ultra… or most anything. 🙂


      • I agree…I am feeling like I have a great plan in place. I am really looking forward to the event. Funny when I hit a rough spot in my runs this weekend ( running on extremely tired legs) my mantra was Relentless forward Progress! And I love if it hurts to run and hurts to walk….run! I cannot tell you how much confidence your book has given me. Thanks so much!


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