Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Volunteer Spotlight

We were honored to be the featured volunteer family for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue in July:) 

Meet The Martin Family


Jen Martin and her family began fostering for BRBR in October 2011 after adopting their Boxer Lucy from BRBR.  The Martin Family has fostered six Boxers for BRBR and is currently fostering Sam and her six babies! Here is what Jen and her family say about fostering and volunteering for BRBR: What we like about fostering for BRBR is the reward and personal satisfaction of helping a dog in need.  For us it is a family affair.  We are 4 unique individuals with varied interest and fostering is a connection point for our family.  We all share the passion and love for rescue.  I feel this is providing my children 13 and 10 valuable life lessons that will positively impact them from years to come.  For us, fostering was as simple decision…There are dogs in need! We love dogs and we want to give back. We love nurturing dogs and watching them flourish into happy healthy dogs. The personal satisfaction is worth every minute! I knew the family had caught the rescue fever when I came home from work and the family had a stray dog on a leash with them out front. I took one look at the dog and recognized the dog from two houses down, It was pretty funny!

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