10 Running-Related Personal Questions « another mother runner

I am always up for a challenge so naturally when I got “tagged” by my “fav” ladies at AnotherMotherRunner.com to respond to  10 Running-Related Personal Questions « another mother runner.  It is a no brainer!

So here is goes….join in the fun and share your running response! Tag another running blogger in your post:) This is much funner than forward your favorite recipe and you will receive 10 etc.

1. Best run ever: My first 26.2.  It has nothing to do with my finishing time and all to do with how much I enjoyed the run.  I enjoyed every mile, some more than others.  Around mile 20 I told myself ” This is fun, I cannot wait to do another.”  Its a good thing it was  a positive experience since I had signed up for my second marathon prior to completing my first.  Adding to the awesomeness, my immediate family was there to support my efforts!  It was amazing! OBX,(Outer banks Marathon, NC)

2. Three words that describe my running: calming, freeing, NEEDED

3. My go-to running outfit is: Any Athleta run skirt with Under Armour compression shorts ( extra chub rub protection) Any shirt will do…my drawers are overflowing with race tech tees.  I have to have my Enell sports jacket..I mean bra a.k.a The Terminator.  Its not pretty but it contains “the girls.”

4. Quirky habit while running: I will not under any circumstances press stop on my Garmin unless I am at the target number I set out to run.  i.e. 10 mile run and I am back to my car at 9.88 miles……guess what…….laps around the parking lot until the garmin registers 10:00 miles.

5. Morning, midday, evening: Always the morning!

6. I won’t run outside when it’s: I live in NC where it is really hot and humid…so 78-80 degrees before the sun is up sends me to the dreadmill everytime.

7. Worst injury—and how I got over it: IT Band issues. ICE, ICE, Baby! Foam roller.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: Oh this is easy!  My Accidental Barefoot debut! It earned me a feature on Another Mother Runner.com…What would a mother runner do.

9. Next race is: Wine Glass Marathon with my BRF’s Rebecca, Becky, and Laura!

10. Potential running goal for 2013: Slow down the quantity. 5 marathons in 2012…INSANITY!  Registered for  Big Sur and cannot wait.

Join in the fun!  Respond via your blog and tag a fellow blogger.  Kristen, Jill, Robin, Erin! I met these awesome ladies face to face in January at the WDW Marathon after we shared many tweets about the upcoming weekend.  Also check out fellow Run Disney lover Melinda.




6 thoughts on “10 Running-Related Personal Questions « another mother runner

  1. I am going to post mine today.

    I love your Enell bra description, I used to have one of those and that thing was like a cage. Which Athleta skirt do you like? I work at Athleta and would love to recommend it to our customers.

    And I FINALLY got a chance to read your story about your barefoot triathlon. Busy summer over here. I think you are totally badass for running it, I would have freaked out!


    • Thanks Robin! Oh my gosh I would not have a paycheck if I worked at Athleta. My fav’s are the one that zip up the side. They are solid color with white piping LOVE THEM. They also have a beautiful reflective scoll pattern on them. Honestly, I buy them on sale since they are pricey! Great to hear from you! The 10 questions is a quick blog post…enjoy and I cannot wait to read. Tag our slacker Twitter friends:)


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