Almond eye Allee….looking for her FURever home

My name is Allee! I joined Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue in March 2012.

I was cared for by a wonderful man who felt really sorry for me. I was abandoned, or perhaps a stray…I am not really sure. This “man” took pity on me and cared for me as long as he could. My “man” felt sorry for me because I had a prolapsed uterus. My uterus was literally hanging out of my backend like a cherry pumpkin. Nobody really knows how long I was this way. Since my uterus was hanging out, I would bleed and could not go inside my “mans” house.

I was restricted to the backyard to endure the elements all day and night. My “man” was distressed and knew that he could not financially provide me the medical attention I needed. He loved me dearly and took care of me the best he could but he wanted a better life for me. That’s when my “man” contacted Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue. Blue Ridge picked me up, and got me to the Dr. whom fixed me like a normal dog. While he was at it, he spayed me. I felt so much better. I have to mention, how much better I looked without a pumpkin on my Behind! Extreme Doggie Makeover Boxer Style. I am a healthy 67lbs and growing. You would never know I had any issues at all. The Dr. estimated my age to be 3-4 yrs old. My Foster Parents think I am closer to 3 based on my energy
I am currently living with my foster family in NC. I have to fur siblings who are also rescued boxers. Lucy a female and Rex the male of the house. I also have two skin siblings and 11yr old tween girl and a 9yr old boy and of course my skin Foster Mom & Dad. They are taking such good care of me. I have adapted very nicely into the established Boxer Pack!
I am a sweet lovable girl. I love attention and love to be wherever my people are. My eyes are a beautiful almond color that coordinate so well with my fur. It makes me rather unique. Not to brag, but I I have overheard many people say how pretty I am. I think its safe to say I am a “looker”.

Here are some additional things you might want to know about me:

  • I am generally just a super sweet girl who loves to be by my humans side.
  • I am totally potty trained..110%
  • I like my Crate! I don’t love it! There are much better things to love. I sleep in my crate at night and chill in my crate when my humans have to leave the house. I am kind of special , and have two crates. I chill with my other fur siblings when the humans leave the house downstairs. At night, I get to sleep in the crate in my human’s room. I was anxious upon my arrival so my humans gave me these special accommodations. Once I have been here a little longer I will go downstairs with the other dogs but for now I love it! I deserve a little extra attention don’t you think
  • I get totally excited when you come home but I don’t jump on you or even attempt. I will dance around you in excitement. I have not showed off the famous “boxer bean” as of yet.
  • I don’t get on the furniture in the house. I want to be a lap dog but my parents don’t want me on the furniture in case my “new family” has the same rule. The basement is another story….when I am with my skin siblings I can sit with them on the sofa…but only in the basement.

  • I love being with my humans and will follow them where ever they go. I sit outside the shower when my Mom is getting clean. I like to get in the shower if she will let me. She only lets me when I need a bath myself.
  • I know my name.
  • I come when called.
  • I don’t dart out doors or gates. I did escape once but only cause I was following my boxer siblings. I cam e right back after we got “busted”
  • I like all dogs that I have met thus far. My fur sibling sister gives me a hard time every once in a while but we are getting along better now. She just wants me to know she is the female of the house and I am just visiting.
  • I love being outside watching the world go by but you have to keep an eye on me because I like to bark. However if you correct me or tell me know I stop immediately.
  • My parents laugh at my bark…it is small and raspy for such a big dog. If I could talk I would tell them all ladies should have petite barks despite their size.

Here are some things I am learning:

  • I have not really had the need to use the Potty Bell to go outside. I just sit at the door or wait for my FURsister Lucy to open the door.  Yes she opens he door by herself
  • I am learning not to bark too much when I am outside.
  • I am learning how to play with balls, fuzzy animals, dog toys , etc. I like nylabones the really hard ones.
  • I am learning to play with my FURsiblings. I like being around them and they are starting to let me play.
  • I am a super sweet beautiful girl. I could be the only dog or join another pack. I am not particular.
  • Please consider giving me a FURever home. You will not regret it!

Love and Kisses……ALLEE

To learn more about me and the 100’s of other Boxers in need of homes please visit to complete an application.  You can also find us on  There are rescue organizations all over the US…google one for your area or check out

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